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Theme Is Everything, Darling

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

When we first brought Miniature Garden supplies into the shoppe, our intent was to carry only Smoky Mountain themed products.  Because we live in the Smokies, and because that’s what vacationing fairies expect… cabins, log furniture, black bears and so on.

Well, we learned quickly that the world of fairies and miniature gardens is vast and breathtaking.  In no way could we limit ourselves to one theme.

Sometimes the hardest part of creating a miniature garden is getting started.  Once you choose a theme, the rest is a piece of cake.  You can’t stop yourself.  Don't ask me how I know.  Here are a few theme ideas to get you thinking.

Garden – Probably the easiest and least expensive theme.  Choose small plants that resemble trees, shrubs and grass. Then add as little or as much as you like.  Furniture, walkways, fences, an arbor or birdhouse… there’s no wrong answer here.  If you’re crafty, you can make everything yourself with stones, twigs, acorns, string, wire and other things you have at home.

Smokies – We love our Smoky Mountains, and we’ve got you covered.  Because bears.  And Bambi.  And baby raccoons and foxes.  I can’t even.  Log furniture is right at home in a miniature garden, along with stone walls, streams and bridges.

Picnic – Set up lawn chairs and a fire pit or throw a checkered blanket on the grass. Put a picnic basket and lemonade on a nearby tree stump. Just don’t forget the cookies… fairies love cookies.

Camping – The most popular little garden at the shoppe is our camper. A tent works just as well, though. Add a campfire and tiny camping gear. After this photo was taken, I found a little pink flamingo for their yard!

Beach – Brightly colored adirondack chairs, umbrellas, white sand, tiny flip-flops, blue gravel or glass for water… the possibilities are endless. This one is fun.

Farm – So many cute chicken coops, bunny hutches, lambs, ducks and baby pigs. You can plant rows of tiny vegetables or add a mini vintage pickup truck. 

Sports – East Tennessee fairies love to tailgate, and we all know their favorite team.

Tennessee Volunteers Vols Fairy Garden

We hope these ideas get your creativity flowing.  Jump on in!  Miniature gardens are all about cuteness and whatever makes you smile.  And we’re always here to help.  Have fun!

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