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Enchantment… In Proportion

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Photo Credit:  Liz Ballard

Once Upon a Time…

There is a drive about a quarter-mile long from the highway to my house.  One section is beautifully tree-lined and runs along our creek.  Squirrels scamper across the road, rabbits peek out of the grass with noses wiggling and birds flit from tree to tree. It’s as picturesque as it sounds.  On a good day, you’ll see deer, too.

This happened just last week.  It was sunny and spring-like and three pretty does stood in the tall grass by the creek.  Perfection!  These are the moments that confirm my secret suspicion that I really am a Disney Princess and my life is a Fairy Tale (cue the song and dance).

I suppose this mindset explains my love of all things magical and sparkly and small… including fairies and mini gardens.  And bunnies.  And baby ducks.  And Yorkies.  Yes, my Yorkie sparkles.

Miniature is Relative

My list above includes several small adorable things.  But that doesn’t mean they go together (fairies tease Yorkies incessantly).  In miniature gardening, scale, or the relationship in size of all the plants and accessories, is your most important consideration.

You may be a free spirit that says, “I don’t want to “design” my mini garden, that takes all the fun out of it!”  But you still have to pay attention to scale, or it just won’t look right.

Here are a couple of examples of scale mis-match:

Isn’t she lovely? But she’s not getting in the door of that adorable little fairy house!

This is the tiniest galvanized pail I found, but it is still too big for the little garden shed.

This is Not a BIG Deal

Get it?  I know.  It was funnier at 4:00 in the morning.

Scale is easy.  Miniature garden accessories come in all sizes.  Use larger ones in big pots and outside gardens, and use tiny ones in teacup gardens and terrariums.  Just make sure they go together.

  1. Compare furniture with houses, fences, gazebos and other structures

  2. Fairies, animals and accessories such as wheelbarrows and birdbaths should match furniture and structures

  3. Accessories like garden tools and foods shouldn’t be too big for the benches and tables they sit on

  4. You have a lot more flexibility in plant size

Happy Endings

That’s really all there is to managing scale in your miniature garden.  You’ve got this, my friends.  The world of fairies and mini garden goodies is your wonderland.  Have fun!

BTW, I’m still waiting for a Fairy Godmother.  Also, the above mentioned wildlife does NOT clean my house.

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